COVID-19 is “killing” me

At the beginning of 2020, several countries received news that a new virus from the coronavirus family was circulating in the air. After the increase in the number of cases and rapid community transmission, WHO declared the situation as a public health emergency of international concern over the global outbreak and later considered that the spread of COVID-19 could be characterized as a pandemic because the number of cases outside of China it had multiplied by thirteen and that of affected countries had tripled in just two weeks.

Although lockdown and quarantine are effective to prevent the uncontrolled spreading of COVID-19, they might have negative effects. After more than seven months in this pandemic, some countries are far from stopping the spread of the virus and this affects basically everything: economy, population, environment and mental health. Citizens were “forced” to be quarantined and this changed several factors such as quality of life, well-being, anxiety, sleep quality, insomnia, depression and obesity. People learned to live the “new normal”.

In the pre-pandemic scenario, people could go to work, go to college, visit family members, visit new places, go out with friends, attend birthdays and now everyone is deprived of all these activities. With everything that is happening in the context of the pandemic and social isolation, it is clear that people have the feeling that they could do and help more, but they need to know that they are doing everything in their power.

The population tries to deal in the best possible way, always thinking on the positive side, because this pandemic is far from over. Take advantage of the moment at home to do various things such as observing and learning about the inequalities that exist in the country that became more transparent in this quarantine, participating in online lectures, immersing yourself in self-knowledge, supporting local businesses, talking with friends and family who before did not have much time and being grateful for everything are examples of activities to do in quarantine.

Currently reaching the end of 2020, there is still no proven cure and effective treatment for COVID-19. Life after the virus will be different and going back to the “old normal” will not be easy. Definitive home office, distance education, prioritization of open spaces, better hygiene of places, teamwork, search for sustainability and social interactions more frequently are some of the examples that should occur over the years. Optimistically, people will not have fear of going out of home and will stop wearing masks.